The Secretary of Municipal Committee, High-tech Zone Party Working Committee She Chunming Come to Wolwa Group to Investigate

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December 6th,municipal committee member,Higg-tech zone party secretary Shechunming lead the principals of each ministry come to wolwa group investigated and directed work. 
   They visited our production line personally,presdent Yang introduce the general situation while visited.Measure the secretary asked with concern and scientific and technological innovation, production and sales company, market prospect, and so on and so forth. Measure the secretary pointed out that in recent years, the development momentum volwa group, the continued growth of the industry has become an important growth point of the regional economic development, the future will continue to walk way, science and technology innovation continuously enhance the core competitiveness. In our country, the first generation of amphibious caused a developing field, measure the secretary ask for details of the research and development process, to watch the CCTV news video test in baotou section of the Yellow River, stressed that volwa group, the next step to turn development focus on the way to adjust the structure, focus on cultivating a high content of science and technology, strong radiation driven high-tech projects, for large projects, promote industrial upgrading. Measure of hope volwa group to speed up the integrated into the high-tech zone development overall situation, in the building industry in the city's construction machinery industry go-ahead upgrade board, innovation, strive to do industry leading enterprises, to contribute more to regional economic and social development. 

leader investigated and researched wolwa group.

leader  investigated and researched wolwa group.

leader  investigated and researched wolwa group.

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