The Meeting of "The Research and Development of the Key Ice Breaking Technology" Was Held in Wolwa

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Jining hava a bright and lively April.On the 28th morning,"the key technology research of ice prevention and broken  and Equipment development" acceptance check meeting was held in conference room on third floor in wolwa.The Ministry of public security, the Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of water resources, national headquarters, Beijing military region, Shandong University, Jining government wolwa group and other departments attended the meeting 

On the evening of April 27,Jining municipal committee、deputy mayor Zhouhong meet the leaders and exports in Shengdu international meeting center.Mayor Zhou welcome the leaders and experts come to Jining,he speak highly of the task that wolwa group assumed,he pointed that This is a high content of science and technology projects ,filled the domestic blank,It have great significance on national defense and to our country public safety .He wish the acceptance check meeting complete successfully。He hope wolwa group focus the advantages improve the program with might and main,ensure  the program implement and effective earlier,made great  contribution for the economy of Jining .

during the meeting,The chairman said words of welcome,He represented the company all staff, extend a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all the leaders, experts.He said, wolwa group is committed to the "ice breaking research of key technology research and equipment subject" since 2012 August
.China's first generation and second generation of amphibious to break the ice One after another in March last year and this year in February in volwa offline smoothly.And  successful experiment in the Yellow River in Inner Mongolia baotou,The effect is very ideal.

Today, the project acceptance will be held successfully in wo'erhua group, make the products possess the conditions for mass production, which marks the key technology research of Chinese ice ice and reached the height and the new level of. Acceptance of the project is successful, the industry will increase investment in technical transformation, the introduction of foreign advanced production conditions and technical equipment, so that the ice breaking vehicle to achieve high-volume production capacity as soon as possible, to produce a world leading level of icebreaking vehicle. At the same time, the company will accelerate the "pace of construction of Shandong University - wo'erhua high-tech information industry park", push the ice vehicle, wave power, mobile water handling car series of military products to landing, the scientific and technological achievements into economic benefit and social benefit as soon as possible, to make new, greater contribution for our country's national defense and economic development. 
   Deputy director of Jining national high tech Zone Li Zheng on behalf of the government departments to speak at the meeting, he said wo'erhua group is Jining engineering machinery industrial cluster leading backbone enterprises, was awarded the "pillar enterprises", "meritorious enterprise" and the honorary title, was listed as Jining key industrial clusters, support the development of enterprises, as the economic society of Jining City contributed to the development of. "Ice ice on the key technology and equipment development" project settled wolwa group, is of great significance to the adjustment and upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry in Jining. He asked wo'erhua group to undertake the icebreaking car project as an opportunity, to concentrate on, to complete the task with high efficiency, high quality, not to live up to the expectations of heads of the armed forces.

After listening to work reports, watch the test video, drill site, ask the expert, expert discussion agenda, the participating leaders, experts unanimously wo'erhua Group production of amphibious ice vehicle reaches the leading level in the world.  

  During the activity, the leadership of Shandong University, chairman Yang Shenwei visited the Jining national high tech Zone, and the related leadership "Shandong University - wolwa high-tech information

"The key technology research of ice prevention and broken  and Equipment development" acceptance "The key technology research of ice prevention and broken  and Equipment development" acceptance  

"The key technology research of ice prevention and broken  and Equipment development" acceptance

"The key technology research of ice prevention and broken  and Equipment development" acceptance

"The key technology research of ice prevention and broken  and Equipment development" acceptance

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