Wolwa Group Held a Middle Management Training

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On the afternoon of May 12,Wolwa group held middle management ability training in multi-function hall on the 7th floor.Improve the execution of team by some videos.Each staff of public administration and logistics departments attend the training。Executive vice president Mr cai,pipe industry  general manager presented the activity。  

  The aim of this activity is High-performance team building,Course  mainly includes:  improve the ability of active learning、responsibility and improve execution.Lecturer witty and vivid,made the lessons new and original。The students watched seriously and attentively。There is a sentence which spreaded in the top 500 large companies of the world:the biggest welfare that company offer staff is training. 

  Presdent cai spoke after meeting ,he pointed that this activity is very meaningful,lecturer mentioned many existed questions in our company.Please make a seriously introspection after the meeting,and you will comprehend something,get rid of the elements which impede High-performance Team Building  one by one.At the end ,presdent cai says he hope  we can appropriate to add some training activities like this,it will bring benefits to the growth of ourself and our company.

Wolwa group held middle management ability training Wolwa group held middle management ability training

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