Mayor Mei Yonghong Come to Wolwa to Guide the Research and Investigation Work

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May 12th,on the afternoon,Jining municipal committee deputy secretary Meiyonghong with more than twenty people came to wolwa group.Investigated the development situation of wolwa group.municipal committee member,high-tech zone secretary Shechunming,deputy mayor Baishan and relevant departments leaders attended this activity together.
municipal leaders listened the report about the development situation of our enterprise which reported by presdent Yang.In recent years,wolwa group ' aim is "to be the leader of the industry,to be the  world famous brand".Our group have already become a high technology equipment manufacture company include construction machinary ,hydraulic part,mine equipment and pipe industry.the quality , market share and reputation of our excavator leading the way.Pipe industry  up to now this year has already completed the order number as same as the total number last  year .The sale will doubled at least this year. Centre revolving joint is the second in China last year,and will be the first in two years.At the same time ,the  amphibious ice car  have already passed the check smoothly on April 28th.We will produce 100 amphibious ice car  this year,and increase the income more than 700 million RMB.The project of "Shandong university-wolwa group high technology information industry park" have already started,it is predicted that the project will complete in 2016,and the sales income will breakout 10 billion RMB.
   Mayor Mei speak highly of wolwa group'courage that pay attention to technical innovatation,speed up industry upgrade,try the best to be an international famous brand , and give the full affirmation 
to the contribution on the economic development of jining  made by wolwa group.He asked volwa group should actively introduce high-end equipment manufacturing technology at home and abroad, increased investment in product development and technical innovation, to promote high-tech industrial park construction, to ensure complete enterprise development goals. He asked the department, unit, financial institutions to provide support for volwa group development, to volwa group to create the domestic first-class, internationally renowned high-end equipment manufacturing base to provide powerful guarantee.At last some relevant departments made statement one by one.

Mayor Mei made a work guidance for wolwa group.

Mayor Mei made a work guidance for wolwa group.

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