DLS880-9B crawler excavator

working weight:7000Kg bucket volume:0.3 m3 power:48Kw/2300rpm

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DLS880-9B 7T crawler hydraulic excavator Feature

1. Hydraulic parts is with international brands of rotary device and pilot control valve.
2. Joint is used from EATON company which is the top 500 enterprises in the world,
for its high reliability in all kinds of bad working condition with high resistance to shake or loose.
3. Structural parts is made from 16Mn steel, with advanced welding technology to ensure the strength and safety.
4. Computer monitoring: CPU monitor the machine moving, remind timely if something wrong, and provide intelligent
protection for the engine.
5. Radiator is aluminum plate fin type, using vacuum brazing technology, to improve the heat exchange coefficient.
It can play a good cooling effect even in the hot summer.
Working weight:7000Kg
Bucket volume:0.3 m3

DLS880-9B crawler excavatorDLS880-9B crawler excavator


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