Wolwa GNQY-Z490 8T crane

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Product Introduction

Special homemade crane chassis, weichai 4102 high-power engine power, strong driving power type direction with hydraulic machine, barely able to brake braking system, with a center and liable continuous rotation gyrator can achieve 360 degrees, 50 mn forging flint fire track processing slewing bearing, turning to reliable and durable crane dedicated planetary reducer, final type crane jib patent technology, hydraulic telescopic leg, big span of H type fonts leg frame, hoisting double speed design, 8 tons of hydraulic winch is used in the main winding (axial piston motor), vice hook often closed the volwa patented high or low speed hoist (support fast rope), hydraulic system adopts servo control (can realize multiple compound operation), streamlined cab, international industry the lowest price. Can be installed motor pump station, directly to a 380 v power supply for the power, save the environment. Product lightweight flexible, low price, suitable for rural and urban and rural integration of work. Low investment, high grade product returns. In order to reduce the risk of the customer, the company also buy insurance for each product in the China life property co., LTD., for one year to insure the quality.

Product Dimention

Wolwa GNQY-Z490 8T crane

Product Feature

1.Full hydraulic pressure drive, electrical dual-purpose, safe and reliable work, high efficiency, low labor intensity;

2.Every hydraulic system equipped with balancing valve and hydraulic lock, safe and reliable performance

3.Lifting hoist adopts often closed hydraulic brake, also optional hydraulic hoist

4.Crane jib and important components are made of low alloy steel plate to reduce weight of crane, crane performance;

5.Rotary bearing all adopt 50 mn forging materials

6.6 tons and above the crane main fittings adopt xugong/dongyue original accessories, such as: the main valve main pump, winding system and rotation system, slewing bearing

7.Boom of cold forming, rectangular, five prismatic structure, give full play to the mechanical properties of the material

8.Adopts hydraulic cylinder telescopic crane boom, work more safety and reliable

9. Equipped with night light, expanded the work time.

Telescopic crane boom using marker and alarm limit of double insurance;

10.Optional bridge before and after, negative arm and three-phase electric operation;

11.Crane display options torque, height limiter;

12.Cranes are equipped with the radiator, more conducive to the summer job;

13.Hydraulic oil line rubber hose all adopt double wire super high pressure oil pipe, steel pipe are all made of electroplating processing;

working scope(m) boom length(m)
6.2 14.25 22.3
lifting weight(Kg) lifting height(m) lifting weight(Kg) lifting height(m) lifting weight(Kg) lifting height(m)
3.0 6000 6.47        
3.5 5700 6.99 4800 15.23 2200 23.53
4.0 5300 5.39 4300 15.07 1900 23.44
4.5 4800 4.58 3800 14.88 1580 23.33
5.0 4300 3.30 3400 14.65 1360 23.19
6.0 3800   2800 14.14 1160 22.89
7.0     2100 13.52 960 22.54
8.0     1700 12.78 700 22.13
9.0     1300 11.91 600 21.66
10.0         530 21.12
11.0         400 20.52
12         330 19.85
13         260 19.08
14         180 18.25
wire rope ratio 4 4 2
hook weight:50Kg


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