GNQY-Dongfeng Qitou 12T crane

good performance of flexible operation 12 tonnes of small truck crane

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Product introduction

GNQY - neck type dongfeng truck crane is a kind of good performance of flexible operation 12 tonnes of small truck crane, neck car hoisting in dongfeng chassis do walking, driving more comfortable and safe. Can install the motor pump station, directly to a 380 v power supply for the power, save the environment. The product through the national motor vehicle of the public announcement, across the country are on the license plate, and purchase expense and other operation is free of charge, flexible, convenient products price is low, suitable for rural and urban and rural integration of work. Low investment, high grade product returns.

In order to reduce the risk of the customer, the company also the accessory for each product to the China life property co., LTD., in a year of value with product quality liability insurance.


underpan Dongfeng Qitou
Engine type YC4E140-42 turbo charger
Engine power 105kw
arm octagon, 7m*5,telescopic type,balancing valve,cylinder telescopic
hydraulic system integrated hydraulic valve combind,composite action
turning system steering hydraulic
lifting structure oblique type piston motor winch,BM5 cycloid motor winch
rotating structure high strength,large dia.swing support,planets revolving speed reducer,center rotate
rotating way 360 deg.continous rotate
braking system gas-off braking
hydraulic force mechanism two function(oil and elecricity)
cab operating cab
power type 15kw,level 6 motor pump
outrigger operating way hydraulic automatic


GNQY-Dongfeng Qitou 12T crane


1.Full hydraulic pressure drive, electrical dual-purpose, safe and reliable work, high efficiency, low labor intensity;

2.Every hydraulic system equipped with balancing valve and hydraulic lock, safe and reliable performance

3.Lifting hoist adopts often closed hydraulic brake, also optional hydraulic hoist

4.Crane jib and important components are made of low alloy steel plate to reduce weight of crane, crane performance;

5.Rotary bearing all adopt 50 mn forging materials

6.6 tons and above the crane main fittings adopt xugong/dongyue original accessories, such as: the main valve 

main pump, winding system and rotation system, slewing bearing

7.Boom of cold forming, rectangular, five prismatic structure, give full play to the mechanical properties of the material

8.Adopts hydraulic cylinder telescopic crane boom, work more safety and reliable

9. Equipped with night light, expanded the work time

10.Telescopic crane boom using marker and alarm limit of double insurance

11.Optional cab, negative arm and three-phase power operation

working scope
main arm

8.5m 14.8m 21.3m 28m
3.0 12000      
3.5 10500 6450    
4.0 9900 6000 4000  
4.5 9050 5450 3600  
5.0 8300 4950 3200  
5.5 7500 4450 2800 1900
6.0 6500 4000 2500 1450
7.0   3550 2000 1150
8.0   3000 1450 950
9.0   2050 1100 800
10.0     850 700
12.0     450 600
14.0       550
16.0       500
18.0       450
20.0       200
wire rope ratio 6 4 4 2
hook weight 160kg



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